People's Choice award winning game at Startup Weekend Smart Games Mexico City.

Collect all your clothes before the time runs out and don't be late with your girlfriend!

How To Play

Press the space bar to jump.

Collect all your clothes and arrive with your girlfriend before 9 a.m.

Published Dec 29, 2015
Release date Jul 08, 2015
Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, 8-bit, Arcade, Comedy, Funny, jumping, minigames, Pixel Art, Retro, Runner

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Is there a happy ending? I got the pants, shirt, shoes and tie and arrived before 9 but got the same game over as usual.

If the jumping worked properly, this would be a fun snack game but as is, it's frustrating. Is there a double jump? Am I supposed to jump on the tree to get my shoes?

Hey shadree! Sorry about that. This is a quick game we developed for a hackathon in 50 hours, so a few issues are expected, like this. However, we'll check and fix that as soon as we finish updating our last game (give it a check, you may like it:

Finally... it is indeed possible to get every piece of clothing without jumping on the trees, you just have to try a couple more times.

Thanks for your feedback!