NOTE: As of September 30, 2022, GameSparks is no longer available. The service has been shut down and replaced by Amazon GameSparks, which is not supported by this asset. This asset is no longer maintained or supported, and this page has been kept here for historical reasons only.

Integrate the GameSparks platform with your Game Maker: Studio games and get access to several Backend-as-a-Service products such as:

  • Social and Monetization Game Mechanics.
  • Player Management and Merchandising (IAPS, Micro-transactions).
  • Dynamic Game Management.
  • Cloud code, cloud data and cloud storage.

A complete description of the platform can be found here.

Current supported functionality

The GameSparks Unofficial SDK for Game Maker: Studio is currently in active development. As such, only a limited set of functionalities are supported at the moment (though they are pretty much all you need to get a basic game up and running).

-Target Game Maker: Studio Platforms

  • Android
  • HTML5

-Supported GameSparks Features

- SDK Features

  • Super easy configuration using a single object.
  • Sample Cloud Code scripts for basic actions, such as performing player logout, sending values to GameSparks and retreiving data from Facebook.
  • Server-side PHP script to hide the GameSparks API Secret from malicious users when deploying for HTML5.
  • Demo assets and quick start guide to help you get started.

Every purchase and donation supports further development and the incorporation of new features with each update. 

Please note the current version of the asset is in an early access stage and does not include comprehensive documentation. It does, however, include demo assets which you can use as starting point, as well as a quick start guide. If you purchase this asset and need assistance, please send an email to Our team of experts will be pleased to help!

Development roadmap

The functionality we integrate on each update mostly depends on the feedback of our supporters and the needs of our games. This is a list of our top priorities for upcoming releases:

  1. Integrate PDF documentation.
  2. Add iOS as a supported Target Platform.
  3. Add Windows as a supported Target Platform.

How the demo works

The web demo at the top of this page uses the GameSparks SDK for Game Maker: Studio (Unofficial) to show its basic functionality. The demo is also available for Android devices here.

When the demo finishes loading, the SDK is immediatly initialized against the GameSparks server in Live mode. Once initialized, you'll see the value "GameSparks inited: 1".

Device authentication is disabled for the purpose of the web demo, so you won't be able to "Call Event" or "Logout" unless you first login with a Facebook account; on Android, device authentication will get you authenticated right away using your device ID.

Press the "Facebook Login" button and enter your Facebook credentials if necessary. Once you accept the required permissions, a bit more information appears on screen:

  • Your display name (same as in Facebook).
  • "Is new player", which indicates whether this is your first time using the demo (1 or 0).
  • "Has script data" which will always be 1 because we're setting it in cloud code.
  • Your user ID.
  • Your profile picture.

Now you'll be able to "Call Event".

The "Call Event" button executes a custom event request to GameSparks, which includes the following data retreived from GameSparks:

  • receivedValue: A value sent from Game Maker: Studio to GameSparks and sent back.
  • randomNum: A random number generated from cloud code.
  • playerId: Id of the player making the request.
  • serverTime: A timestamp generated from cloud code.

These values are shown when the response is received.

Finally, if you press the "Logout" button your session will be terminated and your player info will be cleared from the screen.


In order to use the GameSparks SDK for Game Maker: Studio to integrate Backend-as-a-Service products in your Game Maker game, you'll need the following:

Games using this asset

Want your own game listed here? Drop a message to!


This product is in no way affiliated with or endorsed either by GameSparks, YoYo Games or any other related entity. This SDK is the result of the work we've been doing at ExaGames in order to get our own Game Maker: Studio games working with GameSparks. It is based on the original SDKs available for free in the GameSparks SDK Center.

Privacy Policy

We store your Display Name retreived from Facebook and/or your Android device ID with the only purpose of making the demo work. If you want your data removed from our GameSparks server, please send an email to indicating your player Id (the same that appears in the demo) and we'll take care of it.

Also available on

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I've been waiting for this! So excited, however your extension on GMS Marketplace gives a 404 error which is how I prefer to buy extensions... I'll get it on itch if it's not something you can fix on your end. 

Keep it up!

Hey Cowlord! Thanks for the headsup, we're just updating the asset now so we'll take the opportunity to get in touch with Yoyo Games about that error.

(1 edit)

Great! I can't wait for android support, I don't have the HTML5 module quite yet. Are you also planning on making a C++ .dll for desktop cross-play also?

P.S. When you add more features/out of beta you should increase your price to probably $35 or $40 at least. GMS is kinda weak with multiplayer and the best solutions cost $40, $99, and $150 - and gamesparks can target all platforms where the best these others do is 1 or 2 platforms per extension. Hope I don't end up screwing myself but I think you are def undervaluing your work. :)

The main priority so far is to get the SDK working with mobile devices (both Android and iOS), but this priority can change depending on the needs of our supporters. Actually, we just included desktop support in our development roadmap.

We're glad you're excited about Android support. This is ready now and available here.

As for your advice, thanks! We really appreciate your feedback. In fact, the target price for the SDK in version 1.0.0, including support for HTML, Android and iOS platforms will be $39.99, but we're offering it at lower prices for our early supporters while it's still on development. Price will be increasing as we add more features, but all our supporters (early or not) will receive all subsequent updates free of charge.

That was quick! (in regards to android support). I purchased it and am excited to move from Google Play Services to GameSparks to release on more platforms!