Introducing Time-Based Life System for Game Maker

You read well! The life system you already know from Unity is now also available on the Game Maker Marketplace!

The Time-Based Life System is the asset that allows you to create life systems for freemium games easily.

All algorithms used by the life system have been written in GML, and we kept good part of the features offered by the Unity asset.

Super easy integration

Time-Based Life System for Game Maker integration follows the same logic as its Unity counterpart: import the extension, add a preconfigured object in your game and write a restriction in your code to consume lives and lock the game if no lives are available. You will have your own life system in a couple of minutes.

Easy configuration for maximum number of lives and time to recover

You can change these values by setting the correspondant variables in the lives manager. You're free to choose how many lives your players will have and how long will they take to recover.

Per-user maximum number of lives

You can also reward your players by increasing their maximum number of lives  by calling a single function.

Mobile notifications

Notifications had to be part of this. Send your players notifications when all their lives have been replenished. You only need to include the Google Play Services extension and activate the notifications in Global Game Settings. We've taken care of everything else.

Docs and support

As usual, this extension includes:

  • Quick start guide and API documentation.
  • Fully commented source code.
  • Demo room you can use as starting point of your development.

If you still have any inquiries about it, don't hesitate in sending us an email to Our team will be happy to help.

One more thing...

Don't miss the Time-Based Life System for Unity update!

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Version 1 Jun 12, 2018

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