Time-Based Life System for Unity v3.0 Release Notes

The new version of Time-Based Life System, the asset to create local time-based life systems for freemium games with a single prefab and just a few lines of code  is now available in the Unity Asset Store!

We've been working hard to improve this asset. Keep reading to know all the features that have been included.

Super easy integration

To have your own life system working, you only need to choose one of the multiple prefabs already configured and drag it to your scene, create a restriction in your code to consume lives and lock the game if no lives are available. Integration is trivial, and you'll have it working within minutes.

Easy configuration for maximum number of lives and time to recover

There's no need to touch any code to configure the maximum number of lives and time to recover. Just set your desired values in the inspector and you're good to go.

Per-user maximum number of lives

Once you configured the maximum number of lives in the inspector, all your players will start the game with this value. You can reward your players by increasing this number by calling the AddLifeSlots method when the player meets certain requirements in your game, or when he buys a life pack from your game store.

Infinite lives

You may also reward your player with a limited time of infinite lives. To do so, you just call the GiveInfinite method specifying the amount of minutes this option will be active.

Multiple life systems in the same game

The new version of Time-Based Life System supports multiple life systems in the same game. You could create one to track player lives and another one to track energy, or simply create your own time-based build system. The only limit is your imagination!

Mobile notifications

Keep your players engaged by sending notifications to their Android and iOS devices when all their lives are replenished. You can configure your own notification message for each life system in your game.

"All or Nothing" mode

This is a new feature that enables improved control over the way you count lives in your game. When the mode is active, the recovery time will only start counting down when the player has consumed all of his lives, and once it's finished, the maximum number of lives for the player is replenished.

Advanced inspector

The new version of Time-Based Life System includes a new advanced inspector which allows to reset all values of the life system from within the editor, besides showing the current lives and remaining time for the next life while the game is playing.

Support for implementing your own data provider

By default, the Time-Based Life System uses PlayerPrefs to save the data that support the life systems locally. In this new version, we've performed a comprehensive refactoring to include SOLID principles. This will allow you to integrate your own data provider by implementing a single interface. Now you're able to save your life systems data in your own data base, or even use a remote server if your game requires so.

Use with any UI framework

The Time-Based Life System includes several prefabs you can implement in your games if you use Unity UIs. However, you can also implement life systems with any other UI framework, such as NGUI. Refer to the included documentation for further information.

Show lives as sprites

In this new version, we've also integrated new prefabs to show the number of lives as sprites, one per life, besides the classical text mode.

Several display styles

Time-Based Life System now includes several display styles you can use in your games, or you can use your own images.

Docs and support

You're never alone when you purchase an asset from ExaGames. All of our assets include:

  • A quick start guide and complete API documentation.
  • Fully documented source code.
  • Demo scenes you can use as starting point of your development.

If you still have any inquiries about it, don't hesitate in sending us an email to support@exagames-studio.com including your invoice no. Our team will be happy to help.

Lite version

This is the first version of the asset we label as Pro. And this is because all of the new features we've implemented.

However, if you only need a basic life system, you can now purchase Time-Based Life System Lite for only half the price. Find the differences between each version in the following chart.

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Version 1 Jun 07, 2018

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