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Great game! One suggestion, some instructions to let the player know they can double jump.  Other than that I had a lot of fun!

Thanks! We're glad you liked it. Also thanks for your feedback, we'll add it to our tasks.

Is there a happy ending? I got the pants, shirt, shoes and tie and arrived before 9 but got the same game over as usual.

If the jumping worked properly, this would be a fun snack game but as is, it's frustrating. Is there a double jump? Am I supposed to jump on the tree to get my shoes?

Hey shadree! Sorry about that. This is a quick game we developed for a hackathon in 50 hours, so a few issues are expected, like this. However, we'll check and fix that as soon as we finish updating our last game (give it a check, you may like it:

Finally... it is indeed possible to get every piece of clothing without jumping on the trees, you just have to try a couple more times.

Thanks for your feedback!